CNS Practice Outcomes Management

Research about Clinical Nurse Specialist practice demonstrates outcomes such as:

Reduced Hospital Costs and Length of Stay

Ahrens T, Yancey V, Kollef M. Improving family communications at the end of life: implications for length of stay in the intensive care unit and resource use. American Journal of Critical Care. 2003;12(4):317-324. (Other outcome included decrease resource utilization.)

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Reduced Frequency of Emergency Room Visits

Alexander JS, Younger RE, Cohen RM, Crawford LV. Effectiveness of a nurse-managed program for children with chronic asthma. Journal of Pediatric Nursing. 1998;3(5):312–7.

Improved Pain Management Practices

Deisch P, Soukup SM, Adams P, et al. Guided imagery: replication study using coronary artery bypass graft patients. Nursing Clinics of North America. 2000;35:417-425. (Other outcomes include decreased fatigue, anxiety, narcotic use, and increased patient satisfaction.)

Increased Patient Satisfaction with Nursing Care

Forster AJ, Clark HD, Menard A, Dupuis N, Chernish R, Chandok N, , et al. Effect of a nurse team coordinator on outcomes for hospitalized medicine patients. American Journal of Medicine. 2005;118(10):1148-1153.

Reduced Medical Complications in Hospitalized Patients

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Other Quality Measures/Outcomes

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