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Our hospital administration wants us to develop a performance improvement strategy to enhance the leadership skills of our nurse managers. Where can we find reliable and valid instruments to measure existing leadership attributes (e.g., conflict resolution, autonomy, job satisfaction, etc.)? We want something that is quick and easy to fill out, that is tailored to nurses and that has a history of prior use and validation. We would like something we can administer before and after the intervention to demonstrate improvement. January 2001


A variety of resources for measurement tools in nursing is available. The Journal of Nursing Measurement, which can be accessed online at , is an excellent place to start. This biennial publication provides a wide range of instruments for measurement of nursing.

Another excellent online source that provides a variety of articles on outcomes research and measurement is the Outcomes Management for Nursing Practice journal at

If you are looking for well-known psychological instruments, go to This site by the American Psychological Association provides detailed information on how to access a wide variety of psychological and healthcare-related research tools and instruments. In addition, it provides resources for accessing both published and unpublished tests. Individuals with little research experience would be wise to start here.

Finally, ask your local university library if it has the Health and Psychological Instruments (HAPI) computerized database. This database, which is updated quarterly, contains more than 15,000 instruments developed from 1985 to the present. A search engine that searches on MESH headings is provided. If your library does not have access to it, contact Behavior Measurement Database Services, P.O. Box 110287, Pittsburgh, PA 15232-0787; phone, (412) 687-6850.

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