AACN Practice Alerts

AACN Practice Alerts™ are succinct, dynamic directives that are supported by authoritative evidence to ensure excellence in practice and a safe and humane work environment.

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Current Alerts


These Practice Alerts have been retired and will no longer be updated. They are here for historical reference only.

About AACN Practice Alerts™

The topics address both nursing and multidisciplinary activities of importance to acutely and critically ill patients or their environments.

AACN Practice Alerts:

  • Close research/practice gap
  • Provide guidance
  • Standardize practice
  • Identify/inform about new advances/trends

AACN Practice Alerts are short directives designed for easy reference. The first part of the Practice Alert is the clinical information followed by references to support the clinical statements.

Recognizing that practice is dynamic, AACN Practice Alerts are reviewed and updated to reflect any research-based changes.


Email practicealerts@aacn.org. Please type "Practice Alerts" in the subject line.




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