Real Stories

AACN's Real Stories campaign is a collection of stories based on the real, moving, triumphant, relevant experiences nurses like you have shared with us.

The images used in the campaign are the result of an extraordinary photo shoot conducted at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, Calif. Real nurses volunteered their time to pose in real clinical settings, creating scenarios reflecting the real life stories of nurses in our community. We sincerely thank the entire team at Arrowhead for enthusiastically inviting us into their lives.

  • "The Real Test"
  • "Nursing Nirvana"
  • "Nurses Save Lives"
  • I was AACN's clinical nurse liaison on the photo shoot. I also work per-diem at the hospital where the shoot took place, and it was exciting to see real nurses - nurses that I work with, portraying the real nurse stories that have been told to us by you, our members. This experience made me proud to be part of both organizations.

    —Pam Shellner, RN, MA, Clinical Nurse Liaison/ Technical Advisor

    I consider it the highest privilege to work with and tell the stories of nurses. No other professionals I've known possess the skills, knowledge and spirit that the exceptional nurses of AACN have. We have spent the past year developing this new advertising campaign to illustrate what a valuable resource a community of people who share your experiences can be. Having others who share your triumphs, challenges and indescribably profound moments is what community is all about. We are so grateful to the nurses who shared with us what that community means to them.

    —Dana Woods, AACN Senior Director 

    Years ago, we set out to find high-quality images of acute and critical care nurses for use in our educational and promotional materials. As we searched the stock photo inventory, we learned that suitable images were scarce. Most were too posed. Many were out of date (technologically). None of the images we found told the real story of nurses' everyday heroism. To get the images we needed, we decided we would have to create them. And so began a ten year-long creative journey, resulting in this unique archive of extraordinary images, representing critical care nurses at their very best, and culminating in the 2010 "Real Stories" image campaign.

    —Mike Ballew, AACN Art Director


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