2015 Distinguished Research Lecturer

Elizabeth J. Bridges, RN, PhD, CCNS, FCCM, FAAN

Dr. Elizabeth Bridges is an associate professor at the University of Washington School of Nursing and a clinical nurse researcher at the University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle. In addition, she is a colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve, where she serves as the individual mobilization augmentee to the director of Air Force Nursing Services.

Dr. Bridges is best known for her research and teaching related to the correct performance and integration of hemodynamic indicators into the care of the critically ill. In collaboration with colleagues, she developed a program of research related to critical care under austere battlefield conditions and during long-distance military aeromedical transport.

This program of research continues to inform practice and improve outcomes for critically injured patients. Based on this expertise, she was handpicked to lead the military research program in Afghanistan.

Joining the USAF in 1983, Dr. Bridges was on active duty for 22 years, including serving as deputy commander of the largest USAF clinical research facility and USAF consultant for nursing research.

Her unending commitment to disseminate evidence to support clinical practice is exemplified by her role as a co-editor of the award-winning text “Cardiac Nursing.” She also created the pocket guide, “Battlefield and Disaster Nursing,” which has been distributed to 22,000 military nurses and is a primary training document to ensure the provision of evidence-based care under combat conditions.

She has disseminated evidence-based nursing practices through the development of the Defense Institute for Medical Operations International Trauma Nursing Course, which she led in Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Estonia.

Dr. Bridges also is well known for her engaging research presentations at AACN’s National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition.

A graduate of Oregon Health & Science University with a Bachelor of Science in nursing, Dr. Bridges received a Master of Nursing and PhD from the University of Washington School of Nursing. Her achievements have been recognized with fellowships in the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the American Academy of Nursing and receipt of the AACN Flame of Excellence Award.

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