Letters — December 2012

Dare to Question

Re: Page 22 in September AACN Bold Voices

A “teach me” approach helps me dare to question my fellow team members. Recently, a CVICU nurse had questions about the reason for an amiodarone IV drip to treat a patient with atrial fibrillation.

I suggested she ask the cardiologist to help her learn the rationale for the order. To bolster her confidence, I accompanied her when she asked.

As a result, all of us learned the physician suspected the patient might have sick sinus syndrome.

I’ve somehow been blessed by nature and nurture to question everything. My parents encouraged me and so did my anatomy and physiology professor, who taught me to question right down to the cellular level.

How else can we support others past their fear of asking questions?

Laura R. Ellington
Atlantis, Fla.

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