Letters – January 2012

Letters with an asterisk were also published in January print and digital replica editions.

*AACN Scholarships

I cannot thank AACN enough for awarding me a scholarship to attend NALA, the 2011 Nursing Alliance Leadership Academy sponsored by the Nursing Organizations Alliance. The program educates current and future nurse leaders to govern and lead their professional organizations.

NALA was beyond outstanding, and I found at least one takeaway point from every presentation. Most of the other participants served on boards and committees of their organizations, which offered exceptional networking opportunities.

I also received an AACN scholarship to attend NIWI, the Nurse in Washington Internship program. I plan to apply as a volunteer in my professional associations what I learned in both programs.

I encourage other AACN members to apply for scholarships and recognize what an invaluable resource they are.

Louanne E. Hausmann
Spokane, Wash.

*Cultural Assessment

It has been a long time since I read anything in AACN Bold Voices about cultural assessment. Whether it’s general information — such as demographics, census data, ethnic and cultural health practices, religious beliefs, language, nutrition or education about health and illness beliefs — or something about a specific group, I believe it would be useful information because the days of a homogenous patient population are long gone, no matter where we practice.

Laurina E. Hamlet
Portsmouth, Va.

Recognition for Certification

Our hospital pays a one-time bonus for initial certification. The bonus covers review courses and the initial exam fee.

Greater East Texas Chapter-AACN enhanced recognition of CCRN, PCCN, CMC and CSC certification in our three area hospitals by purchasing plaques that now hang in each unit. Our hospital made the plaque presentations a celebration.

Our audiovisual department taped the presentations and uploaded them to YouTube. Since then we’ve added three CCRN and two CSC certifications to the plaques.

Shelley Welch
Tyler, Texas

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