Letters – September 2012

Another Angle

Re: Page 3 in AACN Bold Voices, June 2012

I enjoy Another Angle on page 3 of every issue for the wise perspectives that inspire my team and me as a manager. The selections introduce a bit of philosophy to our work so I often hang them in our staff room for everyone to read.

June’s piece on community was helpful in this era of self-centeredness where employees who are more independent in their thinking often overlook what is good for the team.

Ginny Dow
Acton, Mass.

New Life for NTI Tote Bags

I gave a new life to my collection of more than 25 years of NTI tote bags.

I kept some favorites and brought the rest — with an AACN membership brochure inside each — to our hospital’s nursing education department. T

he educators use them as vintage prize giveaways during critical care internship classes.  

John F. Dixon
Dallas, Texas

Students Visit NTI 2012

Thank you to everyone — AACN staff, NTI exhibitors and all the attendees — who made it possible for more than 100 nursing students from the University of Central Florida to attend the last day of NTI 2012.

It was the first conference for many, and their comments were even more meaningful than knowing 82 percent rated it an excellent experience. Two of their many verbatim comments say it all:

“It was beneficial to have schools and potential employers there. I wish I had brought my résumé. From the classes to the expo, everyone was very welcoming. I look forward to attending this event in the future when I am an RN” and “Thank you for providing me the opportunity to see why AACN is at the forefront of nursing practice. This early experience has set a high bar.”

Mary Lou Sole
Orlando, Fla.

Dare to Take a Step

I came to work tonight and saw the “Dare To” poster on the wall of my unit. I have been a patient care assistant in the MICU for six years and feel trapped.

I am a 29-year-old single female paying my own bills and making my way. For a few months I have been trying to figure out what to go back to school for.

This week a local community college is having an instant admission day and I am going. Everything happens for a reason, and I have to DARE to go back to school.

As I told my friend, “I’m gonna step out in faith.” One day I can look back and be proud of myself.

I am going to name my dares, write them in my house and look at them every day to make sure I act on them and not sit back and wonder anymore. Thank you so much for helping me realize that I can live the life I have dreamed if I just take that step.

Naomi Clarke
Albany, N.Y.

A Loaded Gun

As nurses, do we realize the medication we administer to remove someone’s pain weighs like a bullet from a gun? Many patients do not have a high tolerance, and adverse effects can lead to their unintended demise.

Old or young, they leave behind a puzzle of unanswered questions burdened by distress, shadowed by guilt and often long-lasting grief. The vulnerability of these patients relies on a nurse’s literacy and competency with each gentle delivery of medication, and our ability to arrive with a smile and genuine concern for their welfare.

Our challenge as nurses is to leave our own problems at the door so we can be open to welcoming a patient’s problems. Before administration of any medication, remember that we hold a loaded gun and so we must “titrate small” to prevent harmful results that cannot be reversed.

Laurina E. Hamlet
Portsmouth, Va.

Unsafe Cellphones

Re: “Mobile Devices May Distract and Jeopardize Patient Safety” in AACN Bold Voices, July 2012

RNs at our hospital are told not to use cellphones during working hours. The same goes for Internet use.

I don’t think physicians are reminded to limit cellphone use. There is a hospital policy, but I doubt it’s enforced with them.

Denise Prindle
New City, N.Y.

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