Letters — December 2013

How I Got to NTI

I was so intrigued by descriptions of NTI that a year and a half out of school I made it my goal to attend.

I requested a scholarship through my manager, but I was too new to be considered. I submitted a scholarship essay to the local AACN chapter, but mine was not selected.

I contacted the chapter about other scholarship opportunities, but was informed funds were unavailable. I calculated how many extra shifts I would need to work to raise my own funds, only to discover I would never be able to work so many hours in just a few months.

Then I remembered seeing at www.aacn.org/nti a sample letter and worksheet to help me make a case for the value of attending. I revised the template and linked it to my hospital’s specific needs with information about sessions I would attend.

I was scared and nervous that I was being too assertive. It could lead to another no, but what would I lose?

I dared to submit the letter and three days before my birthday my manager said, “Your letter did the trick. You’re going to Boston.”

NTI was everything I had heard: invigorating, empowering, educational and inspiring. President Vicki Good’s message drove me to pursue other achievements.

I became CCRN-certified and an AACN ambassador. Our critical care director saw my binder with summaries of NTI sessions and asked me to present about fever management to the interdisciplinary critical care core team.

I was scared and nervous with each step forward. But the satisfaction from each reward made it well worth accepting the challenge. Will you do the same now that you’ve read my letter?

Mary Young
Evansville, Ind.

White Noise and Patients' Sleep Perception

Re: Page 21 in October AACN Bold Voices

I have been using white noise for my ICU patients for many months and recently started an evidence based practice fellowship to investigate the use of white noise in the ICU to increase sleep quality and decrease delirium. I would like to connect with others who are interested in this topic including those who are studying it. Please contact me at emma.fisher@allina.com.

Emma Fisher
Minneapolis, Minn.

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