Letters — June 2013

On Aging

How has it happened that the aging and the elderly in our society have become marginalized and ignored? How has it happened that younger people pass older adults without making eye contact or offering a smile? Why does the healthcare industry respect senior citizens as business clients for illness but not for wellness?

Relationship-based care should be proudly recognized from babyhood toward advanced years, so that it sustains each individual’s integrity, dignity and humanity. Yet our society’s attitude makes so many allowances and tolerates behaviors that allow for a disposable aging culture.

We now measure success by how we cope with disappointment and failure, not by how we attempt to try for success. Perhaps what people fear most as they age are not the disappointments of life, but that their services are no longer required.

All we can ever know about the future is that it will be different than the present. We must celebrate change because it is not yet the end, and older adults just want to be part of the ongoing transformation.

Laurina Hamlet
Portsmouth, Va.

Flame of Excellence

Re: Page 13 in May AACN Bold Voices

Thank you to AACN for honoring me with the Flame of Excellence Award. I’d like to correct a small error in the profile about my contributions.

I was principal investigator for the school-based Children’s Traffic Safety Program, which earned almost $2 million in federal grants and was adopted in 33 Tennessee counties.

In a separate project, my research on automated external defibrillators showed they were accurate for use with infants and children.

Mary Fran Hazinski
Nashville, Tenn.

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