Letters — October 2013

Another Use for AACN Bold Voices

I am an AACN ambassador and also teach new critical care employees. I use AACN Bold Voices as an ice breaker at the beginning of each class. The articles get right to the point, which gets people’s thinking started.

A few months ago we discussed the 10 most popular U.S. jobs, alarm fatigue and, the big one, that managers report less professionalism among nurses (July).

It’s mostly a class of new graduates, so after a huge discussion I dared them to step forward in their units and prove the article wrong.

Thanks for the great articles. Keep them coming.

Patricia Eppel
St. Louis, Mo.

White Noise and Patients’ Sleep Perception

I am doing research in our ICU on the use of white noise to improve patients’ perception of sleep. Has anyone else had bedside experience with this approach?

Kathy Lenke
Lisle, Ill.

What Is Your Wake?

Re: Page 22 in August AACN Bold Voices

I especially enjoyed Vicki Good’s August column. It made you think about what drives you.

What are you here for? The course may not be linear, but it will move forward.

This is a powerful message for teams to explore.

Barbara Schrage
Rochester, N.Y.

AACN Bold Voices Aligns With Unit’s Needs

The articles in this magazine are consistently in line with the needs of our unit. That’s rather remarkable.

We have had an influx of mental health issues and workplace violence. We are working on balancing resource reduction with safe delivery of care.

We would enjoy reading more about the difference between management of delirium and behavioral issues.

Mary Kathryn Shanahan
Rochester, N.Y.

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