Letters: April 2014

Navigating the Affordable Care Act

Re: Page 21 in January AACN Bold Voices

I am sad about last month’s letter misinterpreting the article about the Affordable Care Act as propaganda. AACN made available information about downloadable patient resources to understand the ACA.

Even if it is shown not to work, as the writer states, things will never get better when we ignore a problem and fail to participate in the process toward improvement.

The care I give as a bedside nurse is not related to a patient’s insurance type. But everything else related to a hospital stay is.

We have always been at the mercy of the type of insurance we do or don’t have.

Marylee Bressie
Van Buren, Ark.

Empowered Patients

Re: Page 7 in March AACN Bold Voices

How do bedside handovers affect overtime? They wouldn’t take long when the night shift hands off to the day shift.But what about day-to-night handovers when visitors are present? Even 15 minutes of overtime can be unrealistic.

Wendy Napolitano
Portland, Maine

What's Legal in Denver?

This year’s National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition will be in Denver, where marijuana is now legal for recreational use.

How does this affect NTI participants? Is a nurse who lights up in Colorado breaking the law?

What if that nurse tests positive in a random urine test? What if the nurse lives outside of Colorado and is tested after getting home?

Maybe we should be cautioned to check with our state board of nursing before leaving home. Or just steer away from the opportunity.

Our world is changing quickly, isn’t it?

Don Bowers
Wesley Chapel, Fla.

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