Letters: June 2014

National Healthcare Decisions Day

Re: Page 18 in April AACN Bold Voices

Discussing a patient’s code status and end-of-life wishes is not an easy subject to touch upon, even in critical care. All physicians do not think it is their responsibility or the right time to discuss the importance of having a healthcare power of attorney or living will.

Understanding what an advance directive entails, then building a relationship with one’s primary care physician and discussing it with next of kin is important for all of us.

As nurses we need to advocate for patients but also support them in becoming empowered. Teaching and providing them with informative resources will open communication and allow the entire interdisciplinary team to provide better care.

Digna Rivera
Bloomfield, NJ

Healthcare Attire

Re: Page 11 in April AACN Bold Voices

I was happy to see April’s article about healthcare attire which recommended no rings, watches or lab coats in patient rooms. It validated what we do in our NICU and PICU.

But did you notice that the front cover showed two nurses wearing long sleeves, rings and watches when they examined a patient?

Linda B. Esposito
Winston-Salem, NC

Clearly we didn’t. Thank you for pointing out our oversight. — Ed.

NIWI Health Policy Internship

I deeply appreciate the AACN continuing professional development scholarship that made it possible for me to be an AACN scholar for this year’s Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) Program. The program changed my understanding of what politics involves and the role I can play.

NIWI also brought to light the crucial importance of strength in numbers and how it is essential for individual nurses like me to represent our profession in our nation’s capital. I hope this year is the beginning of years of relationship-building and Capitol Hill advocacy for me.

Many nurses have used our scholarship member benefit to attend NIWI. Is there a way we can work together and use our new knowledge to advocate on behalf of AACN?

Caroline Baptista
Bronxville, NY

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