Letters: March 2013

New Nurses in Short-Staffed Units

Re: Page 17 in October AACN Bold Voices

As a new RN in ICU I experienced disrespect from physicians. Patients were not seriously harmed, although one time a patient went without IV fluids or tube feedings for 12 hours.

When I approached the physician, he didn’t let me speak, saying he would handle it. An order was not entered in the computer so I called him.

He said he would enter it and hung up. I informed my manager, but it wasn’t until the next day that the physician addressed the situation.

This form of communication and abuse can be unsafe for patients. And firsthand, it doesn’t feel good to be receiving it.

Mark Manning
La Quinta, Calif.

Right on the Mark

I was impressed and thrilled with the December issue. As a newly formed CVICU, we are still trying to decide on our unit norms, so the articles on visitation, nurse practitioners and reversed/unsupported medical practices were of special interest.

Because of the stress that comes with forming a new unit, given the variety of nurses and providers of different background, the article on verbal abuse and its prevalence was also quite relevant.

Thank you for a truly outstanding issue.

Alanna Turner-Palmer
Cincinnati, Ohio

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