Spacelabs Medical

5150 220th Ave SE, PO Box 7018
Issaquah, WA 98027-7018
Phone: (800) 287-7108
Fax: (425) 657-7212
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Company Description

Spacelabs Medical is a global manufacturer and distributor of patient monitoring systems for the critical care, emergency and perioperative areas. Spacelabs also provides wired and wireless networks and clinical information connectivity solutions, ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitors and medical data services.

With the knowledge that comes from a rich history as the forerunner in patient monitoring design, Spacelabs has known where to start with every product: with our customers - the clinicians who use the monitors, the biomedical engineers who install and maintain them plus the administrators who depend on us for innovative products and comprehensive solutions.

Our goals are simple: Keep it easy to use, focus on system flexibility and scalability, and provide access to information anytime, anywhere. The result will continue to fulfill your greatest need: more time to care for your patients.

'More time to care' is at the heart of every Spacelabs monitoring solution. Spacelabs patient monitors with WinDNA® provide instant access to labs, radiology and patient records - without leaving the bedside - so you'll have more time to care for your patient.

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