February 2013 Ambassador Update: Focus on AACN Election

AACN is a community of exceptional nurses. Your voice and your influence as a member of this community is especially crucial as we approach the next election of our Board of Directors and Nominating Committee. 

The Nominating Committee you elected last year has done a conscientious job of selecting this year’s candidates. Its work is done — now it is up to you and your AACN colleagues to select our National leadership. 

Our bylaws require at least 5% of our members to vote for a valid election. Frankly, we struggle to hit that mark every year. We are asking you to make things different this year. 

The lead article below offers ideas for getting the vote out early. We know we can count on you, as a community member and leader, to make it happen.

Thank you again for all you do.


Election 2013: Dare To Get the Vote Out Early This Year


Ready to add another goal to your Dare To list?

Here’s one for all ambassadors to consider:

Dare to get 100% of the AACN members in your unit to vote for the FY2014–16 Board of Directors and the FY2014 Nominating Committee from March 22–29.

That’s right — get it done during the first week of the 2013 election period.

Voting opens March 22 and continues through April 22 to allow ample time for all eligible AACN members to vote. However, we recognize that with all of your other responsibilities, it can be hard for our ambassadors to maintain a high-level, all-out buzz about voting for a full month.

But what about for a week? Will you dare to keep the momentum going for a week to hit that “100% in one week” goal?

National Initiatives to Assist You

Your National staff has launched two new initiatives to help you get the vote out earlier:

  • Earlier posting of candidate information: Responding to requests for an earlier release of candidate profiles to allow members time to familiarize themselves with candidates before online voting opens, all profiles will be posted online on Feb. 22 — a full month before the election begins.

    Share this information with your AACN colleagues and encourage them to “take the time” this month to review candidate profiles.
  • “I Dared To Vote” stickers: Stickers reading “ I Dared To Vote” will be available for you to order free of charge beginning Feb. 22 through the Ambassador Resource Order Form.

Distribute the stickers to colleagues who vote. They will provide high visibility to the opening of the election, supporting your efforts to get a 100% vote from March 22–29.

What You Can Do

  • Lead by example: Dare to cast your ballot on March 22.
    • Then, be the first to wear an “I Dared To Vote” sticker to visibly proclaim the opening of voting.
  • Personally ask — face to face — as many AACN colleagues as possible in your unit to vote from March 22–29.
    • Recognize each who does with an “I Dared To Vote” sticker.
  • Kick off a “Vote This Week” email campaign the evening of March 21 or the morning of March 22 directed to all AACN members in your unit and your facility.
    • Use the honor system and make “I Voted” stickers available in a break room or other common staff area.
  • To keep voting momentum going, post your progress toward your 100% voting goal through email, on the Ambassador Facebook page or with posters in break rooms.

Election Talking Points

The following talking points may help you build your case to vote among your colleagues:

  • Don’t leave to chance who will lead AACN, your professional organization.
    • Initiatives driven by AACN significantly impact the nursing profession, especially acute and critical care nursing.
    • Have a say in who will drive those decisions by executing your right to vote.
  • It is foundational to AACN that its members have a voice in selecting their leaders — so foundational that our bylaws prescribe that at least 5% of our members must vote for the election to be valid.
    • Support and protect this core value.
  • Voting allows you to demonstrate your pride in AACN and your support of colleagues who are candidates.


Other News


New Live PCCN Certification Review Course to Launch

In conjunction with release of the new PCCN test plan, AACN will conduct a live, seven-part PCCN certification review course beginning Monday, April 8.

Each session will be 2.5 hours. Other session dates are April 10, 12, 22, 23, 26 and 29.

The course offers 15.1 CNE credits. Details are available at www.aacn.org/pccnreview.

The PCCN review is designed for progressive care nurses working in a variety of settings — including telemetry, step-down, high acuity medical-surgical and direct observation — and is appropriate for both individuals and groups.

This comprehensive course — which fully aligns with the new PCCN test plan — will be presented by nationally recognized topic expert Carol Rauen, RN, MS, CCNS, CCRN, PCCN, CEN. It will provide an interactive learning experience with teacher and peer-to-peer chatting, exam practice questions and support materials.

Cost for the course is $159 (individuals) and $999 (groups of up to 30) and includes 60-day access to archived webinar recordings.

What You Can Do: 

  • Speak with nurse educators, nurse managers and Clinical Nurse Specialists in your facility about PCCN certification.
    • Encourage them to act now to organize a group of nurses for the review course or to promote it to individual nurses.
  • Direct your colleagues to www.aacn.org/pccnreview for more information.
  • If PCCN certification is on your Dare To list, sign up for the course.


Dates to Remember


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