November 2012 Ambassador Update

Happy November! The Thanksgiving season provides me with the perfect opportunity to extend my appreciation to let you know how much you mean to AACN. The spirit of community is certainly alive here, and the best of what constitutes community is embodied in the work you do. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. I thank you again for the work you do, and I hope this month serves as a bright and cheery prelude to a wonderful holiday season for you.


New Ambassador Resources

We are happy to share that we have added two new products to the free resources available to you as an ambassador. PCCN Certification Exam Application and the CCRN Certification Exam Application are available for bulk orders for Ambassadors and Chapters.

These applications replace the previous 60-page PCCN/CCRN Exam Handbook. Though the full Exam Handbook is still available for general requests, we think this resource will be a more concise and useful tool to assist you or your colleagues to prepare for these exams.

The application handbooks consist of:

  • A brief description of the exam eligibility and the exam contents.
  • The test plan(s).
  • The list of products for exam prep.
  • The application/honor statement.

The application handbooks can be useful in helping you to promote certification in your unit. You’ll want to have some available when you need them.

Also available to help you answer questions and share the benefits of certification are a Certification poster and brochures. Find these and other free resources available to you on the Ambassador Resource Order Form.


Help Us Find Our Next NTI Guest Emcee
Do you have a co-worker or colleague who is a natural performer and loves to ham it up in front of a crowd? Is there someone at your facility that everyone relies on to liven up your events and keep the festivities going? Then you might just have a candidate for the guest emcee role at the 2013 National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition (NTI) next May 18–23 in Boston.

Please help us find our guest emcee by letting people in your facility know that we are looking for a natural performer to participate in our NTI SuperSessions. Encourage him or her to mail us a two-minute disc/video telling us in their own unique way why they would make a great NTI guest emcee.

The selected guest emcee must be able to attend the full NTI 2013, as well as rehearsals during the event, and will receive complimentary NTI registration, airfare to Boston and lodging during NTI. Entries must be postmarked by Dec. 31. Details are available on our website.

Encourage Nurse Leaders and Managers to Give the Gift of NTI
The end of the year is a good time to let nurse leaders and managers throughout your facility know that they can make an investment in the future by purchasing an AACN gift certificate for NTI.

An AACN NTI gift certificate ensures access to essential knowledge and resources that help nurses in your facility continue their professional development and elevate their careers. They’re also a great way to thank colleagues and co-workers for their extraordinary effort this year!


ABNS Award for Nursing Certification Advocacy — Application Deadline January 29, 2013
Does your unit value specialty nursing certification? Are you doing things to promote certification and assist nurses in becoming certified?

If so, you could be eligible for an award given annually by the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS) for an organization/facility/department/unit that demonstrates or conducts activities that advance the cause of specialty nursing certification.

AACN Certification Corporation is a member of ABNS and we encourage you to apply. For more information, call ABNS at (330) 995-9172 or email

Certified Nurses From Volunteer Database Sought
AACN Certification Corporation will be seeking volunteers in the first half of 2013 for the Study of Practice Task Force for CCRN/CCRN-E Adult and CCRN Neonatal and Pediatric exams to develop the survey for the upcoming National Study of Acute and Critical Care Practice.

The Study of Practice updates and refreshes the CCRN and CCRN-E certification exam test plans. Please let your colleagues know that to be considered as a volunteer for this and other opportunities, they must have a volunteer profile on file with us.

To create or update a profile, simply have them visit the Volunteer area of the AACN website. If filling out the profile for the first time, they will need to have a current CV or resume handy to upload.

Certified Nurses Day 2013
Certified Nurses Day 2013 will occur on March 19. To help promote it, AACN Certification Corporation is asking your assistance in identifying certified nurses who would be willing to be interviewed to possibly be featured in Bold Voices, e-News and social media.

We would especially like to interview recently certified nurses, nurses with longstanding (more than 25 years) certifications and “unusual” certificant. Examples include:

  • Mother-daughter certifications.
  • Military nurses certified while overseas.
  • Dually certified Peds and Neo CCRNs or Adult and Child.
  • Nurses for whom certification has made a difference in their career trajectory.
  • A certified nurse leader who has a large percentage of unit staff certified.
  • A nurse who was fearful of taking the exam but is now certified.

Please email your suggestions to Karen Harvey at

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