Candidate for Nominating Committee: Meredith Huffines

 Meredith Huffines

Meredith Huffines, MS, BA, BSN, RN
Senior Clinical Nurse II

University of Maryland Medical Center
Baltimore, MD

Experience and Activities

Chapter Membership

  • Greater Chesapeake Bay Chapter, 2011-present

AACN Commitment and Involvement, 2012 - present

Includes ways in which the candidate integrated the mission and work of AACN into her current role and practice. Local and national volunteer activities are listed, if applicable.

  • National Teaching Institute
    • Panel member, “NTI Summit: Burned Out or Fired Up: The Choice
    • Is Yours!” San Diego, May 2015
    • Oral presentation, “Demystifying the Coagulation Cascade,” concurrent session, Orlando, Florida, May 2012
  • AACN representative, “Adverse Drug Event Prevention: 2014 Action Plan Conference,” Washington, October 2014
  • University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore
    • Oral presentation, “Working Together: Civility in the Workplace Training,” hospital lead trainer, August 2012-present
    • Co-creator, “Multidisciplinary Guidelines and Education for Implementing the ABCDE Bundle at the Bedside,” January 2012-present
  • Primary author, Improving family satisfaction and participation in decision making in an intensive care unit. Crit Care Nurse. 2013;33(5):56-69.

Key Professional Activities outside AACN, 2012 - present

Includes involvement with other professional organizations, teaching and/or speaking engagements

  • Peer reviewer, Journal of Critical Care, May 2015-present
  • Facilitator, “Professionalism Education Session for University of Maryland Third Year Medical Students,” case study discussion, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, June 2014-present
  • Poster presentation, “Transformational Leadership: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Morbidity and Mortality Meetings,” ANCC Magnet Conference, Orlando, Florida, October 2013
  • Award recipient, “2013 Family-Centered Care Innovation Award,” Society of Critical Care Medicine, 42nd Critical Care Congress, Puerto Rico, January 2013

Issues Statement

A key issue affecting nurses is having the time to truly care for our patients. Increasing regulatory requirements and expectations, along with educational competencies and documentation requirements, are vital but are often added to a nurse’s daily task list. Process and quality improvement strategies based on current evidence are also a must in practice today. Many priorities in healthcare affect the time and ability of the nurse to be present with the patient and family to ensure patient/family-centered, comprehensive and compassionate care. Not having the time to deliver the care we desire can lead to patient safety issues and nurse outcomes, including compassion fatigue, burnout, moral distress and nurse turnover.

As regulatory agencies continue to mandate new regulations and hospitals create ways to comply and ensure reimbursement, the nurse is most often the focal person to ensure adherence. It is important that AACN continues to be present at national forums where such regulations are discussed and AACN continues to enlighten them on the reality of nursing. AACN is our voice in decisions that directly impact how we care, and can care for our acutely and critically ill patients. We need a collaborative environment with all those who impact patient care. When new processes are introduced, all disciplines need to collectively decide how to best implement them as a team. AACN leadership does this through its relationship with other healthcare professionals and organizations. This is important to our members, as we can no longer place the burden solely on the nurse. Moving forward in healthcare reform, we need to work smarter, not harder. AACN is our voice to lead collaborative efforts and advocate for us to be able to truly care for our patients.

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