Candidate for Nominating Committee: Lisa Soltis


Clinical Nurse Specialist, Cardiothoracic Surgery

Sentara Heart Hospital
Norfolk, Virginia

Experience and Activities

Chapter Membership

  • Tidewater Chapter, 2014-present
  • Greater Raleigh Area Chapter, 2004-August 2014
    • Treasurer, July 2010-June 2013

AACN Commitment and Involvement in the Past 3 Years

Includes how the candidate integrated AACN's mission and work into her current role and practice. Local and national volunteer activities are listed, if applicable.

  • Subject matter expert for ECCO 3.0 cardiovascular content, January 2014-present
  • CNS Scope & Standards Task Force, June 2013-present
  • Item writer, AACN Advanced Critical Care, June 2012-present
  • Advanced practice continuing education article reviewer, September 2011-present
  • Continuing education article reviewer, September 2010-present
  • CMC/CSC Board of Appeals, June 2010-present
  • National Teaching Institute podium presentations:
    • “Clinical Nurse Specialists: Endangered Species or Rising Phoenix” 2014
    • “Sepsis: The Next Core Measure?” 2013
    • “Aces, ARBS and Blockers: Cardiac Pharmacology” 2013
  • Slice of NTI presentations:
    • “Case Studies in Cardio-Thoracic Surgery,” and “Hemodynamics in Various Shock States,” 2013
    • “Tissue Oxygenation & Hemodynamic Monitoring: It’s all about the O’s,” 2012
    • “Blood Transfusions in the ICU: Are we quietly killing our patients?” and “Dissections, Ruptures & Shock, Oh My!” Case studies in Cardio-Thoracic Surgery,” 2011

Key Professional Activities Outside AACN in the Past 3 Years

Includes involvement with other professional organizations, teaching and/or speaking.

  • Member, Society of Critical Care Medicine, 2009-present
    • Inducted as a fellow of Critical Care Medicine, 2012
    • Member, Guideline Utilization Committee, 2012-present
    • Nursing Section Committee member, Carolinas/Virginia Chapter member, Advanced Practice Nursing & Practice Development CNS Member at Large, Elected February 2011-2014
    • Abstract presentation “Early Extubation after Cardiac Surgery Leads to Decreased Returns to ICU and Pulmonary Complications” SCCM National Congress 2014
  • Member, National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists; Past president of the North Carolina Affiliate of NACNS, 2010-2012; Affiliate of the Year, 2013; National Conference Planning Committee, 2014
  • Member, North Carolina Nurses Association; Board member on the Commission for Advanced Practice Nursing; Selected for the NCNA Leadership Academy and completed in October 2013
  • Med Ed, Critical Care Education Specialist, 2009-present; Course instructor for CCRN & PCCN review courses, Cardiac Surgery Certification review, Cardiac-Vascular Certification review, Excellence in Critical Care, Excellence in Cardiology care, as well as Advanced Sepsis Management. Courses are offered nationally in a variety of settings, including education seminars, hotel conferences as well as on-site education for specific hospitals.

Issues Statement

I believe one of the key issues facing nursing today is the fact that education funding is one of the areas that is being reduced in light of healthcare reform. It is considered a soft cost as it is “non-productive labor.” I fully support the AACN mission to support acute and critical care nurses who rely on AACN for expert knowledge to fulfill their promise to patients and their families to provide safe and quality care based on best practice standards.

Nurses are still responsible for providing quality care; however, the educational opportunities and resources to do so are being eliminated within many organizations. As a CNS, trying to develop these critical thinking skills with new nurses can be a challenge without the time (length of orientation, class time, etc.) and the resources. AACN continues to find creative ways to provide educational resources and practice standards to nurses through a variety of venues and media.

The core values promoted by AACN also support nurses in realizing that every nurse is a leader who has the ability to influence practice, whether it is at the bedside with a new orientee, working with a unit practice council or participating in interdisciplinary care rounds. The concepts of personal and ethical integrity, accountability, excellence and collaboration influence the decisions we make as care providers.

We are leaders in the eyes of our patients and their families, in our community as one of the most respected professions, within our own families as mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, and most importantly within ourselves. AACN helps nurses develop these skills to have the confidence to promote what is best for our patients and their families, and it would be an honor to serve in this organization as a board member.

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