Sandy Devastates Our Community, but Heroes Arise

To our exceptional colleagues, patients, families and friends impacted by the catastrophic events caused by Hurricane Sandy, please accept our heartfelt prayers and know that you are in our thoughts.

The effects of Hurricane Sandy have been devastating. The storm caused massive flooding and a widespread power outage, leaving millions without electricity and countless others homeless.

NYU Langone Medical Center was not exempt from the storm’s effects, as the hospital’s basement, lower floors and elevator shafts filled with up to 12 feet of water, resulting in the hospital losing power.

Roof-mounted emergency generators kicked in, but two hours later about 90 percent of the power went out. The hospital decided to evacuate its remaining patients.

Dire Circumstances; Heroic Actions

The hospital’s 1,000-member staff slowly evacuated all the patients — some of whom were babies, many premature, one only eight hours old. Four of the babies relied on respirators to breathe. With no power to run the respirators, each baby had to be carried down nine flights of stairs while the respiratory bag was manually squeezed to deliver air to their tiny lungs.

We applaud and are truly humbled by the heroic and selfless acts of the nurses, doctors and emergency response teams who assisted in the evacuation and saved their patients’ lives.

Sandy’s effects continue to be felt. Millions remain without electricity, and shortages of food, gas and other supplies abound. We encourage you to follow the links below to find out how you can support relief efforts. If you have been victimized by the disaster, there are also links to access assistance.

During this challenging time, we will keep everyone in our prayers during the long journey to recovery.


  • Visit the Hurricane Sandy Web pages of the U.S. government and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to monitor current information on disaster relief, the latest developments and related news.
  • The Society of Critical Care Medicine page offers additional information for health professionals.


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