Tips for Completing Your Volunteer Profile

Accurate completion of your Volunteer Profile is vital to ensuring that you are considered for the opportunities you are qualified for and interested in. The information you provide will populate our Volunteer Database — the tool we use to select potential volunteers for any given opportunity.

The questions in this profile are designed to give you the chance to let us know what kind of volunteer opportunities suit you best. If there are questions that you do not believe apply to you, do not feel that you must answer them.

AACN utilizes volunteers of every education level, role and level of experience. There are no right or wrong answers and no penalties for not answering specific questions.

Access the Types of Volunteer Groups page for information on the types and definitions of groups we most commonly use.

Tell us your interests

The first question in the Volunteer Interest section is particularly important to ensuring that you are called for the types of groups you are interested in.

Listed below are some of our recurring volunteer opportunities and the fields you should mark to indicate your interest in that group:

  • API Program Planning Committee
    • Advanced Practice
  • Chapter Advisory Team
    • Chapter Advisory Team
  • Evidence-Based Practice Resource Work Group
    • Research, Evidence-Based Practice
  • NTI Program Planning Committee
    • NTI
  • Review Panels

These are our most commonly called opportunities, used for a variety of different topics. Marking the topics you are interested in will ensure you are considered.

  • Advanced Practice
  • Awards
  • Beacon
  • Chapters
  • Continuing Education
  • Education
  • Research
  • Grants
  • Scholarships

Certification Groups

In addition to selecting the Certification related interests, be sure your credentials are up to date in our system. You can update your credentials by logging into the My Account page of the website.

Upload your CV

An essential part to completing your profile is uploading your CV. We must have your CV/resume in order to consider you for a volunteer position. You can access your profile at any time to make updates.

Be sure your demographic data is current in our system

This data is also sometimes used to determine potential volunteers. Some of the additional information we have used in the past includes primary role, area or unit employed, type of facility, geographic location and education.

Also, be sure your contact information is current. Invitations for volunteer opportunities are sent via email therefore, it is particularly important that the email address listed as your primary is correct.

You can update your demographic and contact information at any time by logging into the My Account page of the website.

If you have any questions on how you should complete your profile to be considered for a specific opportunity, contact the Volunteer Department any time.  

Make sure we can reach you

Volunteer invitations will be sent via Survey Monkey. If you have ever opted out of receiving messages from Survey Monkey, you will not receive these invitations. If you feel you may have blocked your email address in Survey Monkey in the past, or if you are unsure, please use this link to unblock your email address.

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