Volunteer Ethics Statement

When you become a volunteer of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and/or AACN Certification Corporation, you assume an obligation to our organizational community of nurses and the patients we serve, to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and to always act in accordance with AACN’s values.

This commitment to uphold the values and ethics of AACN is shared by your volunteer colleagues and AACN staff. Any potential ethical concerns that arise should be addressed with the staff liaison of your volunteer group or the AACN Governance Manager who can validate and manage the concern.

AACN’s Values

As AACN works to promote its mission and vision, it is guided by values that are rooted in, and arise from, the Association’s history, traditions and culture. AACN, its members, volunteers and staff will honor the following::

  • Ethical accountability and integrity in relationships, organizational decisions and stewardship of resources.
  • Leadership to enable individuals to make their optimal contribution through lifelong learning, critical thinking and inquiry.
  • Excellence and innovation at every level of the organization to advance the profession.
  • Collaboration to ensure quality patient-and family-focused care.
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