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Each AACN chapter is required to form an audit committee for the purpose of reviewing financial transactions and policies of the chapter on an annual basis. The audit committee should be comprised of three AACN members. Audit committee members should not be current officers of the chapter or have responsibilities for handling chapter financial matters, such as program registration fees, chapter meeting revenue, etc. Following completion of the fourth quarter financial report (April-June), the Audit Committee is required to perform the following procedures and submit this form by August 15.

The procedures listed below may be prepared by selecting a sample of transactions for the year, rather than reviewing all transactions. Samples should be taken from each month during the year. If a box is left blank, it will come through as a "no" response and the Chapter Financial Coordinator may contact you.

1. Review and become familiar with all financial policies of the National Office of AACN. Refer to the Chapter Financial Workbook located in the Resource Library, under Chapter Finances, for a description of these policies:
2. Review the system for controlling cash receipts:
2a. Determine that cash receipts are recorded and that cash receipt vouchers are prepared with numerical control maintained:
2b. Determine that cash receipts are generated only from programs that have been approved by the chapter or the National Office of AACN:
2c. Determine that all cash receipts are deposited in a timely manner:
2d. Determine that all cash receipts are assigned proper account codes:
3. Review the system for controlling cash disbursements:
3a. Determine that all disbursements are made by check and that checks are numerically controlled:
3b. Determine that there is proper support for all disbursements and that the support is reviewed by check signers before disbursing of funds:
3c. Determine that all checks have two authorized signers:
3d. Determine that disbursements are reasonable in amount and nature relative to functions performed by the chapter:
3e. Determine that all disbursements are assigned proper account codes:
4. Review monthly bank reconciliations to make certain that they are prepared and that no unusual reconciling items appear on the reconciliations:
5. Determine that the quarterly financial reports have been sent to the National office on a timely basis:

Upon completion of the audit, the Audit Committee should review with the chapter officers. The Audit Committee has reviewed the bank balances and records of financial transactions for this fiscal year and find them to be in accord with the chapter processes and procedures outlined in the Chapter Financial Management Module.

(If any exceptions, please include explanations here.)

Honor Statement

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