AACN chapters are obligated to protect the chapter and AACN by ensuring written agreements are in place with speakers, vendors, facilities, etc., when hosting a Chapter event or for other contracted services. Those agreements must be reviewed and approved by National AACN before signing. We don't expect chapters to be legal experts; it is our responsibility to ensure your contracts provide that protection.

Because chapters are part of AACN and are not required to be independently incorporated, National AACN is ultimately liable for chapters’ contracts. Failure to submit contracts for approval may result in chapter disbandment.

Contract Links:

Chapters should submit contracts online using the Chapter Contracts Submission Form. Doing so will provide chapters with an immediate confirmation number, which can be traced if needed. Please allow up to two weeks for review and approval.  

 All contracts must be reviewed/approved by National AACN before signing, for each chapter event, every time. This is required as laws sometimes change and we want to be sure to include those changes in every agreement. And, it is important for National AACN to have a record of every agreement. Contracts to be submitted for review/approval include but are not limited to:

Contract templates are available for chapter use. 

Additionally, be sure to:

  1. Post your events on your individual chapter websites.
  2. Submit your event for possible inclusion in the AACN journals and/or to be posted on the AACN Chapter Events Calendar.
  3. Email the event flier/brochure to your Chapter Advisor, who will then distribute it to the other chapters in your region.

Questions should be directed to Chapters@aacn.org.