Welcome to the AACN Chapter Education Room, where chapter officers and board members have on-demand access to webinar in-services on various chapter management and operations topics to help better manage chapters. Many webinars apply to more than one Healthy Work Environment Standard (HWE); each webinar is organized on this page by the main HWE standard to which it applies.

The webinar topics were identified by chapters as those needed to comprehend the “nuts and bolts” of chapter leadership responsibilities. We hope you find the webinars useful, though they do not qualify for CNEs or CERPs. We encourage you to return to them as often as needed.

If you need additional help or consultation, please contact your Chapter Advisor or the Chapter staff at the National office via email at Chapters@aacn.org, or by telephone at (800) 394-5995, extensions 365, 338 or 313. We’re here to assist you.

HWE Standard: Authentic Leadership
HWE Standard: Effective Decision Making
HWE Standard: Skilled Communication
HWE Standard: True Collaboration
Chapter Management and Operations