Ideas for Celebrating Certified Nurses Day

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Use these ideas as presented, or to spark your own creative thinking:

  • Host a breakfast, lunch, afternoon reception or dinner for certified nurses.
  • Display Certified Nurses Day posters, signs or banners.
  • Give away buttons or ribbons with certification credentials.
  • Download, print and hand out Certified Nurses Day stickers.
  • Send a card or email from your administrator or manager to recognize and honor certified nurses.
  • Share inspirational quotes and photos with certified nurses to show your appreciation.
  • Provide gifts to certified nurses – such as logo/recognition products, lapel pins, pens, retractable name badges, lunch totes, etc.
  • Hold a drawing for an AACN gift certificate.
  • Record your own “shout out” video for certified colleagues and post it to your social media accounts (and on AACN’s Facebook page, @aacnface).
  • Get T-shirts made for the certified nurses in your unit or facility.
  • Share information about your certified nurses in your organization’s newsletter, and on your website, Intranet and social media platforms.
  • Use Certified Nurses Day as a way to inspire and motivate future certificants:
    • Chat with others about what it means to be a certified nurse.
    • Conduct a certification drive or fair to raise awareness about certification programs and options.
    • Purchase and distribute certification study materials.
  • Start a traveling trophy awarded to a newly certified nurse that is later given to the next certified nurse.
  • Create a Wall of Honor as a unique way to celebrate certified nurses and nursing excellence. (To learn more about creating a Wall of Honor, please contact us at