Certified Nurses Day

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Certified Nurses Day 2016

Join AACN in celebrating certified nurses on Certified Nurses Day, March 19, a national day to honor and recognize the important achievement of nursing specialty and subspecialty certification. If you're just starting your journey or want to do more to recognize certified nurses, we've compiled several ideas and resources.

However you choose to celebrate Certified Nurses Day, please share your ideas, testimonials and success stories in, honoring, of certified nurses with us. Send them to certification@aacn.org with "Celebrate Certified Nurses" in the subject line.

AACN Resources for Celebrating
Ideas for Facilities
  • Host a breakfast, lunch, afternoon reception or dinner for certified nurses.
  • Display signs/banners celebrating Certified Nurses Day.
  • Provide gifts/giveaways - such as logo/recognition products, lapel pins, pens, retractable name badges, lunch totes, etc. - with credentials on them for certified nurses.
  • Hold a drawing for an AACN gift certificate.
  • Start a traveling trophy awarded to a newly certified nurse that is later given to the next certified nurse.
  • Give away buttons or ribbons with certification credentials.
  • Send a card or email from your administrator or manager to recognize and honor certified nurses.
  • Conduct a certification drive or fair to raise awareness about the different certification programs.
  • Purchase certification study materials.
  • Include information about your certified nurses in your newsletter, on your organization's website or Intranet and social media platforms.
  • Share with others what it means to be a certified nurse. Share quotes and photos.
  • Create a Wall of Honor as a unique way to celebrate certified nurses and nursing excellence. To learn more about creating a Wall of Honor, please contact us at certification@aacn.org.
Ideas for Ambassadors and Chapters
  • Order Certified Nurses Day buttons using the Ambassadors and Chapters order forms.
  • Engage managers, educators and advanced practice nurses in recognition activities.
  • Incorporate certification recognition into your hospital's DAISY Awards program.
  • Share success stories about certified nurses.
  • Send a personal note or email to certified nurses you know thanking them for their professional dedication.
  • Coach certified nurses to identify and talk with colleagues about becoming certified.
  • Recognize certified nurses during a chapter meeting, or host a special celebration in their honor.
  • Invite area hospitals and units to collaborate in your celebrations - or participate in theirs.
  • Partner with area chapters of other nursing specialty organizations.
  • Sponsor a review course, and develop a study mentor program.
  • Award scholarships for certification milestones - review courses, exams, renewal during benchmark years, such as 10, 20 and 30 years of certification.