Agile COVID Education: Adapting Nurse Orientation & Residency

Episode 1

Host: Jamie Davis, BA, RN, NRP (ret.)
Featured Guest: Adrianne E. Edlund, MS, RN, CHFN, NPD-BC

Jun 04, 2020

Topic(s): COVID-19, Education

Role(s): Educator, APRN, Manager

Length: 25 minutes

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In This Episode

Nurse educator Adrianne Edlund talks about her experiences onboarding nurses new to critical care and adjusting nurse residencies – both before and during COVID-19 – at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. She shares lessons learned and best practices for adapting educational content and delivery for the current environment. Adrianne also touches on staying emotionally connected to nurses despite social distancing, and reflects on the unanticipated benefits of new ways of working.

"It's shaken things up and made me be more innovative. I always felt that I was pretty nimble when it comes to education, but this has opened my eyes."

— Adrianne Edlund, MS, RN, CHFN, NPD-BC


04:28 —
Assessing individual educational needs in an uncertain environment
07:23 —
Delivering effective education in the era of social distancing and Zoom
09:28 —
Supporting nurse residents through preceptor transitions and re-deployment
13:37 —
Building emotional connections during difficult times
15:37 —
Beyond the surge: developing formal learning vs. just-in-time education
20:06 —
Educational innovations to bring forward to the next normal

Host and Featured Guest

Jamie Davis, BA, RN, NRP (ret.)

Host Jamie Davis is a nurse, healthcare journalist and novelist. His healthcare career began in emergency medicine working on an ambulance, ultimately advancing to the role of chief of emergency medical services (EMS). After retiring from EMS, Jamie continued his love of patient care as a nurse. Since 2005, he’s worked as a journalist covering nursing and emergency care topics, and has recently delved into writing novels – some with a healthcare twist featuring amazing nurses. He also enjoys teaching new nurses as adjunct faculty at Cecil College in Maryland.

Adrianne E. Edlund, MS, RN, CHFN, NPD-BC

Featured guest Adrianne Edlund is currently a service line educator for cardiovascular, thoracic, colorectal and dialysis services at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. She also serves as a Joint Commission reviewer, primarily focused on ventricular assist device programs. Her previous roles include progressive care nurse and assistant nurse manager. Adrianne is passionate about life-long learning and education for nurses, and has developed microlearning initiatives for both critical and progressive care nurses. She enjoys collaborating with other passionate nurses.

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