Leadership at Its Best: Supporting Staff Nurses in a Pandemic

Episode 5

Host: Jamie Davis, BA, RN, NRP (ret.)
Featured Guest: Kishun Moolsankar, MSN, RN, CCRN

Jul 01, 2020

Topic(s): COVID-19, Leadership, Healthy Work Environment

Area(s) of Practice: Critical Care

Role(s): Manager

Length: 22 minutes

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In This Episode

The vital role nurse leaders play in maintaining a healthy work environment becomes even more critical – and complex – in times of crisis. In this podcast episode, we welcome New York neurosurgical ICU nurse manager Kishun Moolsankar, who led his team through the COVID surge in one of the nation’s early hot spots. Kishun relates his experiences adapting to new realities, innovating creative solutions and supporting his team mentally and emotionally during the pandemic.

"Sometimes, as a nurse leader, it’s difficult to take constructive criticism, but it’s the only way I think you can grow. Gathering feedback is something I’m going to incorporate into my communication style going forward.”

- Kishun Moolsankar, MSN, RN, CCRN


03:12 —
The most surprising aspect of the pandemic for this nurse leader
07:20 —
Innovation spurred by necessity
08:38 —
Why staying connected to and supporting your staff matters
13:00 —
What the COVID-19 crisis taught Kishun about being a leader
17:06 —
How leaders can care for themselves during challenging times
18:44 —
Stepping out of your comfort zone to benefit your team

Host and Featured Guest

Jamie Davis, BA, RN, NRP (ret.)

Host Jamie Davis is a nurse, healthcare journalist and novelist. He began his healthcare career in emergency medicine, ultimately advancing to chief of EMS. Jamie continued his love of patient care by transitioning to nursing. Since 2005, he’s worked as a journalist covering nursing and emergency care topics, and also serves as adjunct faculty for nursing at Cecil College in Maryland.

Kishun Moolsankar, MSN, RN, CCRN

Featured guest Kishun Moolsankar is nurse manager for the Neurosurgical ICU at North Shore University Hospital in New York. His focus on evidence-based practice for optimal outcomes is reflected in his unit’s gold-level Beacon Award of Excellence designation. Kishun supports nurse-led innovation through AACN’s CSI Academy influencers committee, and has published and presented nationally.

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