The Silver Lining: COVID-19 Care Teams and Cross-Training

Episode 2

Host: Jamie Davis, BA, RN, NRP (ret.)
Featured Guest: Adrianne E. Edlund, MS, RN, CHFN, NPD-BC

Jun 04, 2020

Topic(s): COVID-19, Education

Role(s): Educator, APRN, Manager

Length: 25 minutes

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In This Episode

Adrianne Edlund, nurse educator at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York, returns to share her powerful story of units coming together during COVID-19 to achieve optimal patient care and staff satisfaction. She discusses preparing staff for a COVID surge using a team-based model, and leveraging technology to rapidly develop “just-in-time” education. Her ongoing efforts to cross-train nurses have increased retention, enhanced collaboration and facilitated more nimble processes.

"As an educator, I don't think we have enough training in that emotional piece. We know how to meet the emotional needs of our patients, but meeting the emotional needs of our colleagues is a whole different ball of wax. "

— Adrianne Edlund, MS, RN, CHFN, NPD-BC


02:53 —
Adapting learning tools and methods to suit the times
05:26 —
Using a team-based staffing model to maximize options
11:08 —
Recommendations for educators during a crisis
16:35 —
How this pandemic has changed my approach as a nurse educator
21:18 —
Striving for a healthy work environment in the midst of a crisis

Host and Featured Guest

Jamie Davis, BA, RN, NRP (ret.)

Host Jamie Davis is a nurse, healthcare journalist and novelist. His healthcare career began in emergency medicine working on an ambulance, ultimately advancing to the role of chief of emergency medical services (EMS). After retiring from EMS, Jamie continued his love of patient care as a nurse. Since 2005, he’s worked as a journalist covering nursing and emergency care topics, and has recently delved into writing novels – some with a healthcare twist featuring amazing nurses. He also enjoys teaching new nurses as adjunct faculty at Cecil College in Maryland.

Adrianne E. Edlund, MS, RN, CHFN, NPD-BC

Featured guest Adrianne Edlund is currently a service line educator for cardiovascular, thoracic, colorectal and dialysis services at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. She also serves as a Joint Commission reviewer, primarily focused on ventricular assist device programs. Her previous roles include progressive care nurse and assistant nurse manager. Adrianne is passionate about life-long learning and education for nurses, and has developed microlearning initiatives for both critical and progressive care nurses. She enjoys collaborating with other passionate nurses.

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