January Exhibitor Bulletin

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ExpoGuide Deadline
Complimentary listings in the ExpoGuide are available for all NTI 2023 exhibitors. Descriptions and product categories must be entered through the Exhibitor Portal by Feb. 10. If your company description is not entered by Feb. 10, only your company name, website and booth number will be listed.

Exhibitor Portal
The Exhibitor Portal is now available to enter your ExpoGuide description and product category listing, enter staff badges, make booth payments and print your invoice. If you have questions regarding the Exhibitor Portal, please email maribel.aguayo@aacn.org.

Exhibitor Housing
Exhibitor housing is open! Be sure to book early. Exhibitors who cancel room reservations after April 21 will forfeit their first night's room and tax deposit for each room canceled. If you have questions, please call Convention Housing Management, the official AACN housing bureau, at 800-340-1840. Please be aware of unauthorized email solicitations from non-official vendors offering housing options for NTI 2023 in Philadelphia. AACN has not approved these emails or given these companies your email address. We strongly encourage you to make hotel reservations with Convention Housing Management.

NTI 2023 Social Media Toolkit
Consider telling our community of exceptional nurses that you will be exhibiting at NTI 2023, and invite them to stop by your booth. Social media graphics, sample captions and best practices to share via various channels are included in our Social Media Toolkit.

Booth Layout Approval
Exhibitors with an island booth must submit a rendering of their booth layout design to AACN for review and approval by March 31. Email your renderings to Randy Bauler at exhibits@aacn.org.

Online Service Kit
The online service kit contains information for ordering exhibitor services such as booth furnishings, lead retrieval, electrical, audiovisual, security and more. Freeman, the official AACN general service contractor, will send an email to all exhibitors in mid-February once the service kit becomes available.

AACN Gift Certificates
Exhibitors can give the gift of education to NTI attendees. Gift certificates can be used to purchase educational materials, publications and other items. Please complete the AACN Gift Certificate order form, or if you would like more information, contact AACN Customer Care at 800-899-2226.

Advertising and Marketing Opportunities
Please call the Walchli Tauber Group (WTG) if you are interested in advertising in the NTI Program and ExpoGuide, NTI newswires, NTI Voices or NTI welcome bags. For NTI product, device and pharmaceutical advertising, contact Maura Paoletti, 443-512-8899, ext. 110, maura.paoletti@wt-group.com. For NTI recruitment advertising, contact Anne Green, 864-616-7797, anne.green@wt-group.com, or Rhonda Truitt, 443-512-8899, ext. 106, rhonda.truitt@wt-group.com.

Payment Deadline
Final booth payments are due by Feb. 10. You can make your booth payment, print invoices and track payments in the Exhibitor Portal.

Sponsorship Opportunities
For NTI 2023 sponsorship opportunities, please contact Randy Bauler, CEM, at randy.bauler@aacn.org.