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FAQ: Planning Ahead

Q: How do I know ahead of time what educational sessions will be offered?
A: Under the NTI sessions tab, you can filter sessions by date, topic, level, patient population, session type, CERP category, pharmacology content and/or API.

Q: Are session handouts available ahead of time?
A: Learning facilitators are asked to upload their handouts to My NTI. Any available handouts can be accessed by opening a session from the list and clicking on the handout. You can also contact the facilitator by starting a discussion on My NTI if you have any questions. Due to copyright laws, AACN cannot reproduce and distribute session materials on behalf of the facilitator.

Q: How do I plan my schedule?
A: Use My NTI to create and personalize your program to find relevant educational sessions and other learning opportunities to include in your plan. Don’t forget to add scheduled NTI celebratory and social networking activities. And most importantly, block time to have lunch or take a break. We do not include dedicated breaks for lunch or specific times to visit the Critical Care Expo in our scheduling. Plan your schedule based on your educational needs and interests and consider building some downtime into your plan for lunch.

Q: What other planning tools are available?
A: Make the most of your NTI experience by participating in our online community, My NTI. My NTI keeps your conference planning all in one place and at your fingertips. Update your profile with a photo, bio and networking interests to connect with other attendees and learning facilitators. You can create your schedule; network online and share information with each other; and reserve a space in Sunrise Sessions by simply adding the session to your schedule.

Q: What else should I know as I plan?
A: Our popular sessions fill up quickly and the convention center is very big, so allow for travel time and arrive early to the sessions you really want to attend. Be sure to plan an alternative session if your first choice is full when you arrive. Due to fire marshall regulation we cannot permit any sitting or standing in the aisles or doorways of session rooms.

Q: What educational offerings are there for advanced practice nurses? Can I only go to API sessions?
A: The Advanced Practice Institute (API) at NTI offers our advance practice nurses the opportunity to get preconference, clinical, hands-on, leadership development and pharmacology sessions all in one place. Any NTI or API registered participant may attend any session or event unless it is identified “ticketed session” or “invitation only.”

Q: What networking opportunities are available during the week?
A: Connect with colleagues prior to, during and after NTI. At the conference, meet peers, facilitators and experts in the classroom, the Resource Center and celebratory gathering. Update your profile on My NTI with a photo, bio and networking interests to connect with other attendees and learning facilitators.

Q: To make the most of my NTI experience, what should I do when I arrive at the conference?
A: We highly recommend you attend one of the Navigating NTI 101 sessions offered on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. The Program Planning Committee Chairs offer strategies to help you navigate your way through NTI and provide an overview of the resources available to plan your schedule, including the online scheduler, My NTI, and the printed program guide and schedule included in the NTI attendee bag. If you arrive early, consider joining members of the NTI and API program planning committees for a tour of the convention center on Sunday. Familiarizing yourself with the convention center layout and key locations will make it that much easier to get around quickly once the conference begins.

Q: What should I pack?
A: Bring a pair or two of comfortable shoes, or break in new shoes before the conference. Meeting room temperatures often fluctuate, so pack and plan to dress in layers. It’s a good idea to bring a lightweight jacket or sweater to the convention center even if the weather in Houston is warm.

Q: What are the future dates and locations for NTI?
Map out your professional development journey for the years ahead. We’ll be visiting both coasts and the Midwest. Read more.

  • Boston, May 20-24, 2018
  • Orlando, May 19-23, 2019
  • Indianapolis, May 3-7, 2020
  • San Diego, May 16-20, 2021

FAQ: When You Arrive

Q: How can I get oriented?
A: Familiarizing yourself with the convention center layout and key locations will make it that much easier to get around quickly once the conference begins.

  • “Navigating NTI 101” will be offered Sunday, 4-5:15 p.m. in GRB, Ballroom B and C and Monday, 8-9:15 a.m. in the same rooms.
  • Tours of the convention center will be offered Sunday, beginning at 10 a.m. every 30 minutes. The last tour will be at 5 p.m. Meet in the Resource Center, Hall B, to join members of the NTI and API program planning committees for a tour.
  • Members of the NTI and API program planning committees can assist you at stations conveniently located in the Resource Center and third-floor lobby. NTI Assist locations are indicated on the Participant Map in your attendee bag.
  • Digital signs outside each session room indicate the current session, upcoming sessions in the room that day, and if the session will be repeated or recorded and available online after the conference.

Q: Where can I find up-to-date news and information once the conference starts?
A: Conference news, alerts and late-breaking session updates and schedule changes are available real-time in your My NTI inbox. You can also look for session updates on Facebook and Twitter and in NTI Voices.

Q: Where can I find information about nearby dining options?
A: Houston is overflowing with much-sought-after culinary gems, and downtown offers one of the best places in the city to experience those delicious dining opportunities. Some of the area’s most beloved restaurants are just steps from the convention center.

  • Visit the City Info counter in lobby C, level 1 for information about things to do around Houston or Restaurant Reservations.
  • Inside your attendee bag you will receive a Participant Map, which includes a Food Locator that identifies food locations and their hours in and adjacent to the George R. Brown Convention Center.

FAQ: Using My NTI

Q: How do I create my NTI schedule? 
A: The size and scope of NTI can be a challenge even for attendees who have joined us before. Planning your week will go a long way to ensure a fulfilling and stress-free conference experience. Use our scheduling tool to build your calendar:

Q: How do I reserve a Sunrise Session or the API reception?
A: Sunrise Sessions require a reservation. If available, simply add to My Schedule to reserve a spot. Attendees are limited to two Sunrise Session reservations - one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.

Q: If a session is added to my schedule does that guarantee me a seat?
A: No, adding to My Schedule is for planning purposes only and does not guarantee a seat/reservation except for the API reception and Sunrise Sessions. All other sessions are open seating (first-come, first-seated). Please arrive early for the best opportunity to attend a session.

Q: Where do I get session handouts? 
A: Look for handouts on the session detail page.

Q: How do I access Wi-Fi in the convention center?
A: Complimentary internet access is available in public spaces throughout the convention center, including the Resource Center and session rooms. Wi-Fi access is not available in the exhibit halls. The Wi-Fi network should open as NTIHOUSTON. Instructions for accessing Wi-Fi are on the bookmark in your attendee bag.

FAQ: Continuing Education (CEs)

Q: Do I have to create a schedule to enter my CE contact hours or CERP credits? 
A: No, CE contact hours or CERP credits can be found on the session detail page

Q: When can I begin entering session evaluations?
A: After the session has started, the Get CE button is activated – the deadline to complete is June 16, 2017.

Q: When do the session evaluations need to be completed? 
A: Get your CE contact hours by completing your session and program evaluations by June 16, 2017, from home or from any computer with an internet connection. Your certificate can be printed through the AACN website for one year after the conference.

  • Live Sessions at NTI – Evaluations due June 16, 2017
  • On Your Own at NTI – Evaluations due Aug. 31, 2017
  • NTI 2017 Online Sessions – Evaluations due Aug. 31, 2017

Q: How do I complete CE entry?
A: Use the session evaluation worksheet in the back of the Learning Action Journal to keep track of your learning activities. Program and session evaluations can be found on the session detail page and can be completed at your convenience in real-time from your smartphone or any computer connected to the internet at the conference or anytime through June 16, 2017. Your completed transcript/certificate can be printed anytime from any computer connected to the Internet.

All evaluations and the NTI Program evaluation must be complete by June 16, 2017, to receive CE contact hours and/or CERP

Q: Do I have to complete a program evaluation to receive CE hours?
A: Yes, you must complete both the program evaluation AND evaluate the sessions you attended to receive your CE contact hours. You will be able to enter your CEs until June 16, 2017.

Q: How many CEs can I get at the Critical Care Exposition?
A: In the exhibit hall, some of the exhibitors offer ExpoEd sessions. Each ExpoEd session is worth .5 CERP. You may receive up to six CERPs through ExpoEd educational offerings. Find out more about CEs and CERPs.

FAQ: Registration and Reservations

Q: How do I register for NTI?
A: NTI registration is open. You can register online or download a registration form to register by mail: AACN, Attn: Customer Care, 101 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656; Fax: 949-362-2020; or phone: 800-899-2226, 949-362-5050, ext. 7100.

If you register in advance, you can jump right into NTI with your name badge and event tickets in hand. With your name badge, proceed directly to bag pick-up when you arrive. You do not need to visit Registration. If your name badge does not arrive before you leave for Houston, pick it up on-site at Registration.

Q: How do I register for Sunrise Sessions?
A: Reservation requests for NTI sunrise sessions with limited seating are handled through My NTI. To reserve, simply add a Sunrise Session with available seating to your schedule.

Q: How do I make changes to my registration after I have registered?
A: To add or change a preconference, purchase additional Nurses’ Night Off tickets or the Certification Celebration dinner, please call customer care at: 800-899-2226, 949-362-5050, ext. 7100.

Q: Can I register on-site?
A: Yes, you can register on-site for the full conference or a single day at Registration.

Q: How much time should I allow if I need to visit Registration when I arrive at the conference?
A: Give yourself plenty of time to get through the registration line. The heaviest times are Sunday afternoon and early Monday morning. Allow an hour if you arrive at these times.

Q: Can I add or change a session on-site?
A: Add or change ticketed events, including preconferences, Nurses’ Night Off or Certification Celebration at Registration. If there is availability, we will gladly make changes for you. Sunrise Sessions must be changed or canceled on your schedule via My NTI.

Q: I did not receive my badge and tickets in the mail. Where do I go?
A: At the convention center, follow the signs to Registration. For verification, we will ask for your confirmation letter or your ID and then print your badge and tickets.

Q: I had to leave the conference suddenly for a personal reason. Do I get a refund?
A: If you have to leave unexpectedly, contact customer care at 800-899-2226 ext. 7100 as soon as you can. On an individual basis, we will work with attendees who have to leave early.

Q: What is the barcode on my badge used for?
A: The barcode is used in the exhibit hall at our exhibitor booths. If you want more information from an exhibitor, they will scan the barcode to capture your work address and email address. You can have your address changed or email removed from the barcode at Registration.

Q: Can I bring my kids to NTI?
A: Bring your kids for a vacation in Houston. However, children are not permitted in educational sessions and we do not encourage bringing children to the Critical Care Exposition. If necessary, children will be admitted only when accompanied by a badge-wearing NTI participant at all times. For the safety of attendees and exhibitors, strollers are not permitted in the exhibit hall.

Q: Can I bring a guest to NTI?
A: Yes, but NTI guests have limited access. Guests can accompany a badge-wearing NTI participant for free in the exhibit hall. For $25, your guest can attend the Super Sessions and walk through the exhibit hall. Guest badges are available at Registration.

Q: Where is Nurses’ Night Off this year?
A: A spectacular Nurses’ Night Off will be at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on Wednesday, May 24, where attendees will experience a fascinating variety of exhibits that examine astronomy, space science, Native American culture, Texas wildlife and much more. One Nurses' Night Off Ticket is included with your paid registration. You may purchase extra tickets for your guests over the age of 12 for $10. Children 12 and younger do not need a ticket.

FAQ: Information for International Travelers

Q: I am traveling from another country. Does AACN provide a visa travel letter?
A: The NTI visa travel letter is for healthcare professionals who need a visa to attend NTI 2017 in Houston. The letter implies no obligation, financial or otherwise, by AACN. We advise visa applicants to apply for their visa as soon as travel to the U.S. is considered, and no later than six months before the conference. Email info@aacn.org to request a visa travel letter, providing:

  1. Full name
  2. Complete address and postal code to receive U.S. international mail
  3. Phone number and email to receive the visa travel letter
  4. Official name and address of your place of employment

Q: Where can I find more detailed information about applying for a visa?
A: Visit these helpful webpages for more detailed information. If you have any specific problems securing your visa, contact the Bureau of Counselor Affairs at businessvisa@state.gov.

Do you require a visa?
How do you apply for a visa?
View “Visa Wait Time” for your country
What documents do you need when visiting the U.S.?