Module 1 — Assessment
  • Overview of four domains to assess when caring for older adults: physiological, physical, cognitive, and psychosocial 
  • Explores dimensions, or patient-centered focuses of care
  • Provides examples of evidence-based assessments validated for use with older adults
Module 2 — Treat and Care
  • Explore case studies and apply assessment strategies based on the unique needs and changing conditions in two older adult patients 
  • Identify active and supportive treatments based on data gathered
Module 3 — Transition
  • Focus on the pivotal moment when older adult patients transfer from the hospital to home or another facility 
  • Use ongoing assessment data to reduce the risk of readmission
  • Apply assessments and data-gathering strategies to discern patient preferences and discuss end-of-life planning
Module 4 — Final Exam
  • Must score at least 80 percent to receive credit for the course