Healthcare Reform

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Throughout times of significant change in American healthcare, AACN has remained a mission-driven organization, steadfast in our efforts to advance patient welfare. In alignment with our nursing ethics, we unwaveringly put patients at the center of all that we do and equip ourselves to be their best advocates.

A coordinated effort is required to be most effective in advancing health policy. We believe that the experienced and trusted voice of nurses, along with our healthcare partners, is needed to provide expert knowledge to inform any healthcare changes. For this reason, AACN is actively working in coalition with other leading nursing and healthcare organizations to advocate for the establishment of a healthcare policy that ensures all Americans have access to quality, affordable care.

AACN Statement on Healthcare Legislation

What You Can Do

We also encourage you to use your voice, as a private citizen, to influence the changes in healthcare that you’d like to see. The following links may be helpful.

For general healthcare issues:

For issues impacting the nursing profession:

For issues impacting advanced practice nurses:

To learn how to influence healthcare legislation apply for a Nurse in Washington Internship: