The Cardiac Catheterization Handbook, 6th Ed.

The Cardiac Catheterization Handbook, 6th Ed.

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Book, 512 pages, 2016

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The Cardiac Catheterization Handbook, 6th Ed.

A concise and comprehensive step-by-step guide to the wide variety of procedures and patient management techniques performed in the catheterization laboratory (cath lab). The book includes an introductory overview of the cardiac cath lab and a thorough discussion of contemporary vascular access techniques. It provides adetailed review of the equipment, techniques, and patient safety considerations for the many interventional techniques performed in the cath lab today.

New to this Edition:
• Focused update coverstreatment protocolsfor every procedure you'll encounter, as well as the latest knowledge and clinical trialsregarding recent scientific breakthroughs.
• Highlights the newest catheterization techniques, including new-generation stents, guidance devices, and closure devices, to ensure you're completely up to date.
• Discusses the management of common patient problems, focusing oncautions and outcomes to help you make informed decisions.
• Includes discussions on structural heart disease and new developments in heart valve disease.
• Brand-new illustrations - 40 in total- enhance your visual understanding of the material.

Table of Contents:

1. The Catheterization Laboratory

2. Arterial and Vascular Access

3. Coronary Angiography and Ventriculography

4. Hemodynamic Data

5. Peripheral Artery Disease and Angiography

6. TheElectrophysiology Laboratory and Electrophysiologic Procedures

7. Special Techniques

8. High-Risk Cardiac Catheterization

9. Research Techniques

10. Interventional Cardiology Procedures

11. Optimization of Clinical Outcomes and Quality in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

ISBN #: 9780323340397

Author: M. Kern