Influencer...The New Science of Leading Change

Influencer...The New Science of Leading Change

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Book, 299 pages, 2013

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Influencer...The Power to Change Anything

Do you wish you had more influence with the people in your life? Most of us stop trying to make change happen because we believe it is too difficult, if not impossible. We develop complicated coping strategies when we should be learning the tools and techniques of the world's most influential people.

But this is about to change. From the best-selling authors who taught the world how to have Crucial Conversations comes Influencer, a thought-provoking book that combines the remarkable insights of behavioral scientists and business leaders with the astonishing stories of high-powered influencers from all walks of life. You'll be taught each and every step of the influence process--including robust strategies for making change inevitable in your personal life, your professional life, and your world.

You'll learn how to:
• Identify a handful of high-leverage behaviors that lead to rapid and profound change.
• Apply strategies for changing both thoughts and actions.
• Marshall six sources of influence to make change inevitable.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: The Power to Change Anything
Chapter 1 - You're an Influencer
Chapter 2 - Find Vital Behaviors
Chapter 3 - Change the Way You Change Minds

Part 2: Make Change Inevitable
Chapter 4: Make the Undesirable Desirable
Chapter 5: Surpass Your Limits
Chapter 6: Harness Peer Pressure
Chapter 7: Find Strength in Numbers
Chapter 8: Design Rewards and Damand Accountability
Chapter 9: Change the Environment
Chapter 10: Become and Influencer

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ISBN #: 9780071484992

Authors: Grenny, Patterson, Maxfield, McMillan, Switzler