Inspired to Change - Improving Patient Care One Story at a Time

Inspired to Change - Improving Patient Care One Story at a Time

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Book, 297 pages, 2013

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Inspired to Change - Improving Patient Care, One Story at a Time

This book presents stories of patient care—both heartbreaking and uplifting—and details the reality and impact of those experiences. The perspectives—written by patients, family members, and professional caregivers alike—describe the stress of illness, the leap of faith required in trusting the provider team, and the frustrations of accepting that breakdowns in care sometimes occur. Viewing healthcare from these vantage points reveals that the gaps in patient care are caused by a variety of factors, including poor hand-offs, miscommunication, and the expectations of patients and families as they navigate among the siloes within the system. And yet, as illustrated in many of the stories, patient care is beginning to change for the better.

Table of Contents:

1. The Wisdom of Stories

Why I Became a Doctor

High Stakes

Tell Me a Story: The Power of Stories to Re-Humanize Medicine

Listening: Can Storytelling Transform Healthcare to Enhance

Quality and Ensure Equity?

The First 44th President of the United States

2. Relying on Trust and Faith

Letter to Cancer Doctors Everywhere

Letter to Cancer Patients Everywhere


My Greatest Blessing

Tony’s Eulogy

A Leap of Faith

3. Going Above and Beyond Expectations

Sacred Duty

The Good Death of Evan Mayday

A Final Goodbye

A Special Thanksgiving

Bedside Rounds

4. Looking Back with -

Saturday Revisited: An Irretrievable Decision

Lives in Our Hands


I’m Just a Mom

Last Rites

Paging Dr. Marshall

5. The Interaction

N = 1

Two Phone Calls

My Father, the Patient

A Teachable Moment

Alone, Still

6. An Open Invitation to Partner

“Dear Doctor"

Healing Touch

Wesley’s Story

When Your Heart Isn’t in It

The Kidney Walk

Engagement and Empowerment in the Intensive Care Unit

7. A Little Caring Goes a Long Way

“Be Encouraged”

A Calming Influence

Compassion Beyond Clinical Care

Little Things Mean Everything

Coddling Cures

Art and Stories

8. The Stress of Illness

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

He Trusted Me

Taking Care of the Whole Person

Reflections on Bypass Surgery and Beyond

My Heart Attack Chronicles

9. A Day in the Life of a Hospital



Building a Sacred Space

One Surgeon’s Recollections

Seesaw (Teeter Totter)

10. Making Healthcare Better

What Have We Learned?

That “She” Is Me

My Son Is My Hero

Never Forget Where You’ve Been

Note to My Daughter on Becoming a Doctor

Author: L. Larin

ISBN #: 9781567936131

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