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Fast Facts for Wound Care Nursing

Fast Facts for Wound Care Nursing

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Book, 304 pages, 2011

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Fast Facts for Wound Care Nursing

Using the concise, compact Fast Facts format, this guide encompasses the multitude of new healing technologies and presents important breakthroughs in understanding why some wounds don't heal. Each chapter builds, step-by-step, on the essential principles of wound care including wound assessment and documentation, the spectrum of wounds from simple to complex, wound treatment guidelines and protocols, and the legal aspects and regulations surrounding wound care. This user-friendly guide organizes the vast amount of information relating to wound care products and eases the complexity of wound management.

Key Features:

Organizes and simplifies a vast amount of wound care information into a compact, user-friendly format

Addresses wound care assessment, protocol, and treatment of the spectrum of wounds from simple to complex for all levels of practitioners

Encompasses new healing technologies and information regarding difficult-to-heal wounds

Presents comprehensive wound care algorithms, dressings, debridement procedures, ostomy care, optimal surface and equipment for wound patients, and adjunctive therapies

Table of Contents:




Section I-Assessment, Measurement, and Documentation

  1. Attacking the Basics: Know what Fuels a Wound and Understand the Outcome Goal
  2. Understanding Wound Etiology
  3. Assessing and Documenting Wounds
  4. Debriding Wounds
  5. Documenting and Photographing Wounds

Section II-Defining the Spectrum of Simple to Complex Wounds

  1. Skin Injuries
  2. Common Chronic Wounds
  3. Complex Wounds
  4. Recognizing Atypical Wounds

Section III-Wound Care Treatment and Protocols

  1. Understanding Wound Care Guidelines and Protocols
  2. Selecting the Correct Dressings for Optimal Wound Care
  3. Using Adjunctive Therapies
  4. Caring for Ostomies and Fistulas
  5. The Promotion of Skin Care Integrity
  6. Selecting Optimal Support Surfaces and Equipment for Patient Positioning

Section IV-Legal Aspects and Regulations

  1. Qualifications and Certifications for Specializing in Wound Care
  2. Awareness of Your Facility's Reputation: Certification and Accreditation
  3. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Healthcare's Common Procedure Coding System: Guidelines and Reimbursement

Appendix: Description of Skin Lesions


References and Additional Readings


ISBN #: 9780826107756

Author: Z. Kifer

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