Advanced Practice Nursing of Adults in Acute Care

Advanced Practice Nursing of Adults in Acute Care

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Book, 752 pages, 2012

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Advanced Practice Nursing of Adults in Acute Care

Written by a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Clinical Nurse Specialists and CNS students, this text explores the expanding roles and responsibilities of the CNS from core competencies and theoretical foundations for practice to caring for the hospitalized adult to shaping the healthcare system through the CNS s spheres of influence. With a special emphasis on the practical application in clinical practice the author uses a body-system approach to guide readers through evidence-based collaborative and independent nursing interventions within the framework of the CNS role.

Table of Contents:

1: Advanced Practice Nursing: Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Practice
2: Phenomena of Concern to the Clinical Nurse Specialist
3: Pain
4: Health Problems Associated with Aging
5: Palliative and End-of-Life Care
6: Psychosocial Health Problems
7: Skin Problems and Wound Care
8: Neurologic Problems
9: Cardiovascular Problems
10: Pulmonary Problems
11: Endocrine Problems
12: Gastrointestinal Problems
13: Renal Problems
14: Hematology and Oncology Problems
15: Immune Problems
16: Genitourinary and Gynecologic Problems
17: Musculoskeletal Problems

ISBN #: 9780803621626

Authors: J. Whetstone-Foster, S. Prevost

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