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AACN Tele-ICU Nursing Practice Guidelines

AACN Tele-ICU Nursing Practice Guidelines

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Book, 20 pages, 2013
ISBN: 9780945812036

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AACN Tele-ICU Nursing Practice Guidelines

This book is the first authoritative document to define practice guidelines specifically for the emerging subspecialty of tele-ICU nursing practice. The practice guidelines bring consistency in nursing practice across new and existing tele-ICUs, serving as a benchmark for the growing number of registered nurses who practice within the tele-ICU model of care. The document defines tele-ICU nursing and identifies the guidelines and the essential elements of those guidelines that will assist tele-ICU nurses, managers and program directors evaluate their individual or unit practice.

Table of Contents


AACN Tele-ICU Task Force



Background and Definitions

Conceptual Frameworks

Guidelines for Tele-ICU Nursing Practice

Practice Guideline

Practice Guideline

Practice Guideline




Partnership for a Healthy Work Environment


Author: AACN


Editor: Mary Pat Aust