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Giving Feedback: Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges

Giving Feedback: Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges

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Book, 96 pages, 2006

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Giving Feedback: Expert Solutions for Everyday Challenges

Giving feedback is essential to helping employees perform better at work. It lets people know when they aremeeting or exceeding expectations and when they need to get back on track. This practical guide shows managers how to develop and refine this necessary skill.

Table of Contents:
Mentor's Message: Feedback as a path for learning, developing, and changing ix

Giving Feedback: The Basics
What Is Feedback?
Explore the meaning of the term, as well as the purposes and goals of giving and receiving feedback.
What feedback is not!
What feedback is
Why is feedback important?

When to Give Feedback
Determine the most appropriate times to give feedback and avoid times that could create more problems.
Know when to step in
When feedback works and when it doesn't

How to Give Feedback Effectively
Focus on the steps to take for managing effective feedback sessions.
Establish a receptive work environment
Do your homework before a formal feedback session
Follow these five steps to facilitate a corrective feedback session

How to Receive Feedback Openly
Strive to lower defenses so that feedback can be received and used productively.
Why do we feel defensive?
Open your mind to change

How to Manage Feedback Problems
Discover how to handle difficult feedback situations.
Think carefully about giving upward corrective feedback
Decide when feedback no longer works
Be patient when working with a noncommunicator
Handle volatile situations with care
Avoid giving inappropriate feedback

Tips and Tools
Tools for Giving Feedback
Worksheets to help you plan and manage feedback.

Test Yourself
A helpful review of concepts presented in this guide. Take the test before and after you've read through the guide to see how much you've learned.
Answers to test questions

To Learn More
Additional titles of articles and books if you want to go more deeply into the topic.
Sources for Giving Feedback

For you to use as ideas come to mind.

ISBN #: 9781422103487

Author: Harvard Business School