Emergencies in Critical Care, 2nd Ed.

Emergencies in Critical Care, 2nd Ed.

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Book, 624 pages, 2013

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Emergencies in Critical Care, 2nd Ed.

Emergencies are very common in the critical care setting and this book helps critical care staff identify patients at risk, how to manage them, and be prepared. To help the reader find advice quickly, most chapters begin with a generic description of how to manage emergencies affecting that system, or patient group. This is followed by details of specific diagnoses and how they should be managed. The author team, where possible, follow the 'ABC' approach, which is not only the standard approach to emergency management, but also a widely-used scheme for documenting daily reviews on ICU, and for documenting trauma management.

This second edition covers new areas of importance, including sections on how to deal with adverse events and critical incidents involving critically ill patients, patient-safety and improved patient rescue packages, and on the practicalities of infection control procedures. Normal values have been combined in to one short chapter for easy reference.

Easy to use and evidence-based, this book will help all critical care staff involved with the management of emergencies, from the new junior doctor to the experienced consultant in a portable and easily-readable format.

Table of Contents:

1. Assessment and stabilization
2. Airway
3. Breathing
4. Circulation
5. Neurology
6. Metabolic and endocrine
7. Renal
8. Gastrointestinal and hepatic
9. Hematology and oncology
10. Infections and infectious diseases
11. Surgical patients
12. Trauma, burns and skin injuries
13. Obstetrics and fertility patients
14. Poisoning and overdose
15. Incidents and adverse events
16. Transfers and retrievals
17. Treatment limitation and organ donation
18. Common emergency procedures

ISBN #: 9780199696277

Authors: M. Beed, R. Sherman, R. Mahajan