The Nurse Manager's Guide to Budgeting & Finance, 2nd Ed.

The Nurse Manager's Guide to Budgeting & Finance, 2nd Ed.

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Book, 248 pages, 2016

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The Nurse Manager's Guide to Budgeting and Finance, 2nd Ed.

Updated to include details about key legislation that will affect your budget, The Nurse Manager’s Guide to Budgeting and Finance, 2nd Ed. provides practical tools, tips, and strategies for running a unit that you weren’t taught in nursing school.


How the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 changes healthcare delivery and financing.

The ins and outs of healthcare reimbursement and why they matter to you.

Operating and capital budget development and planning for the year

Formulas and calculations for full-time employee hours, variances, and benefit costs.

How to read financial statements, budget reports, and reimbursement documents.

Fiduciary responsibility of board.

How QSEN and HROs relate to finance and budgets.

Differences between not-for-profit and for-profit institutions.

ISBN #: 9781940446585

Author: A. Rundio