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The Nurse Manager's Guide to Innovative Staffing, 2nd Ed.

The Nurse Manager's Guide to Innovative Staffing, 2nd Ed.

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Book, 344 pages, 2017

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The Nurses Manager's Guide to Innovative Staffing, 2nd Ed.

Nurse staffing is the foundation for excellent patient care and outcomes. Decades of research on hospital staffing and patient outcomes has given a clear message: Safe Staffing Saves Lives. However, there is no magic bullet for solving staffing issues. Nurse managers and leaders have struggled to find a method to staffing over the years, causing turnover and a lack in patient and staff satisfaction.

The Nurse Manager’s Guide to Innovative Staffing, Second Edition helps nurse managers understand everything from the current state of staffing to innovative solutions to unique care delivery models. Readers will find:

  • Detailed examples of staffing plans, policies, and delivery models
  • Calculation formulas and worksheets, including full-time equivalencies (FTEs), PTO, and productive vs. nonproductive time
  • Sound strategies for introducing new processes and technology

ISBN #: 9781945157257

Author: J. Mensik