Neo-Wheel Emergency Neonatal Numbers 1st Ed.

Neo-Wheel Emergency Neonatal Numbers 1st Ed.

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Pocket Guide, 2016

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Neo-Wheel Emergency Neonatal Numbers 1st Ed.

The Neo-Wheel is a convenient pocket reference tool that puts crucial neonatal data at your fingertips. Volumes of vital newborn information in a slide chart that is only the size of a compact disc. The Neo-Wheel is perfect for everyday use or as a study aid. This sturdy, full-color wheel is water resistant and fits perfectly in your pocket, clipboard, drug box, or crash cart. Ideal for paramedics, nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, students, or anyone in the medical field that cares for newborns or moms(and therefore, possibly newborns.) Diameter is only 4 1/2 inches (11cm).

Side One:
Select and dial in the baby’s weight on one side to find:
Epinephrine, fentanyl, midazolam, and bicarbonate doses
Saline and blood bolus amounts
Dextrose bolus and maintenance fluid rates
Antibiotics, antivirals, pressors, and prostaglandin dosing

Side Two:
Flip the Neo-Wheel over and select/dial in the baby’s weight on the other side to find:
Laryngoscope blade size
ETT size and where to tape it
Suction, NG/OG, Foley catheter, and chest tube sizes
Alternate/backup airway sizes
Umbilical line placement guide

Author: S. DeBoer