Fast Facts for the Critical Care Nurse

Fast Facts for the Critical Care Nurse

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Book, 256 pages, 2011

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Fast Facts for the Critical Care Nurse

This pocket-sized reference for new and seasoned intensive care unit (ICU) nurses contains critical knowledge presented in the clear, precise, "Fact Facts" format. It provides quick access to a broad array of guidelines, procedures, and equipment used by ICU nurses daily as well as on a less frequent basis.

The book covers assessment and procedural skills, medications, intravenous (IV) therapy, nutrition, wound care, sterile field setup, and patient preparation. It facilitates equipment mastery for respiratory and cardiac care along with troubleshooting tips for monitoring and mechanical devices. Also included is information on specific types of critical care units, such as cardiac, surgical, neuro, and the burn unit. Documentation, advance directives, organ donations, palliative and end-of-life care are also discussed.

The resource addresses the requirements of The Joint Commission and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, such as isolation precautions and use of personal protective equipment. Other important information is provided such as normal hemodynamic measurements, basic electrocardiographic (EKG) rhythms, 12-lead EKG electrode placement, and a "Do Not Use" abbreviation list in the appendix that will help prevent medication errors.

Key Features:

  • Provides quick access to information needed on a daily basis
  • Covers equipment, medications, procedures, and specialty care
  • Includes reliable data for basic EKG rhythms, IV therapy, expected treatments and patient care, abbreviation list, and troubleshooting tips
  • Targeted to new ICU nurses, and experienced critical care nurses alike
  • Helps nurses quickly access information with the "Fast Facts in a Nutshell" feature

Table of Contents:



Part I: Foundations of Critical Care

  1. Critical Care Nursing Overview
  2. The Importance of Documentation
  3. Advance Directives and Organ Donation
  4. Withdrawal of Treatment and Palliative Care

Part II: Critical Care Basics

  1. Basic Patient Care in the Critical Care Setting
  2. Patient Nutrition
  3. The Sterile Field, Pre-procedural Patient Preparation, and Conscious Sedation
  4. Isolation Precautions and Personal Protective Equipment
  5. Everything IV

Part III: Critical Care Equipment Competencies

  1. The Respiratory Station
  2. Arterial Blood Gases, Arterial Lines, and Pulmonary Artery Catheters
  3. Discussing Dialysis and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
  4. Cardiac Specialty Equipment

Part IV: The Specialty Critical Care Unit

  1. Surgical and Orthopedic Recovery Guidelines
  2. The Neuro ICU
  3. General Cardiac Care and Post-Coronary-Artery-Bypass-Graft Patients
  4. Transplant Patients
  5. Burn Unit Basics

Appendix A: "Do Not Use" List for Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Symbols Appendix B: Basic EKG Rhythm Examples Appendix C: 12 Lead EKG Electrode Placement Appendix D: Normal Hemodynamic Values and Vital Signs Appendix E: List of Abbreviations



ISBN #: 9780826107282

Author: M. Landrum