The Complete Human Body

The Complete Human Body

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Book, 528 pages, 2016

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The Complete Human Body

To understand our modern human bodies, this stunning, hardcover book first looks at our ancestors and how the evolution of Homo Sapiens shaped our anatomy. This gave us the ability to walk tall, create language, and make tools with our incredibly adapted opposable thumbs. Learn how we can see evolution in our DNA, and the functions of DNA. Read about the things you can only see with microscopes and other special imaging machines, like cell structure and motor pathways in the brain.

All these many parts work together to make the human body. Learn about the organs and systems that operate within, like the cardiovascular, digestive, and neural systems.

This visual guide uses remarkable illustrations and diagrams to peek inside our complex and astounding bodies. It has been written in an easy-to-follow format, with straightforward explanations to give you the best overview of the many things that make us human.

ISBN #: 9781465449184

Author: A. Roberts