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Role Development for the Nurse Practitioner

Role Development for the Nurse Practitioner

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Book, 374 pages, 2014

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Role Development for the Nurse Practitioner provides a unique insight into the roles and activities of nurse practitioners (NPs) from the perspective of authors with years of Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) experience. Designed to show students, practitioners, and administrators what is needed for an empowering work environment, role satisfaction, and opportunities for improved patient outcomes, it is the first textbook to focus solely on NP roles.

Although nurse practitioners build on the foundation of nursing theories for role development, their education is supplemented with the science of medicine to develop a unique role. In addition, many Nurse Practitioner programs have made the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) the basic level of education. Due to the uniqueness of this blended role, this textbook is ideal for a wide-variety of audiences from nurse practitioners to faculty and students. The authors supplement their expertise as FNPs and DNPs with themes from surveys, interviews, and previous research to describe the role and practice of Nurse Practitioners. Role Development for the Nurse Practitioner is essential for identifying elements for a successful career.

Table of Contents:

Part  I  Scientific Underpinning of Nurse Practitioner Role
  Chapter  1  Historical Perspectives: The Art & Science of Nurse Practitionering
Part  II  The Nurse Practitioner Patient Relationship
  Chapter  2  Family in Primary Care
  Chapter  3  Mental Health & Primary Care
  Chapter  4  Cultural Sensitivity: When the Golden Rule Does Not Apply
Part  III  Clinical Education for the Nurse Practitioner
  Chapter  5  Clinical Education, Case Presentation, Consultation and Collaboration in Primary Care
  Chapter  6  Evidence Based Practice
  Chapter  7  Clinical Prevention/Community & Population Health
Part  IV  The Professional Nurse Practitioner
  Chapter  8  Concepts of the Professional
  Chapter  9  Health Policy
  Chapter  10  Quality and Safety & Prescriptive Authority
  Chapter  11  Mentoring
  Chapter  12  Billing and Reimbursement
  Chapter  13  Professional Employment


Editor: J. Stewart, S. Denisco

ISBN: 9781449694692