Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation, 3rd Ed.

Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation, 3rd Ed.

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Book, 399 pages, 2014

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Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation, 3rd Ed.

Featuring chapters that are concise focused, and practical, this book is unique. Unlike other references on the topic, this resource is about mechanical ventilation rather than mechanical ventilators. It is written to provide a solid understanding of the general principles and essential foundational knowledge of mechanical ventilation as required by respiratory therapists and critical care physicians.

Table of contents:

Part I: Principles of Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 1: Physiologic Effects of Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 2: Physiologic Goald of Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 3: Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury
Chapter 4: Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

Chapter 5: Ventilator Mode Classification
Chapter 6: Traditional Modes of Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 7: Pressure and Volume Ventilation
Chapter 8: Advanced Modes of Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 9: Flows Waveforms and I:E Ratios
Chapter 10: High Frequency Ventilation
Chapter 11: Noninvasive Ventilation
Chapter 12: Humidification and the Ventilator Circuit
Chapter 13: FI02, Positive End-Expiratory Pressure, and Mean Airway Pressure
Chapter 14: Initial Settings for Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 15: Patient-Ventilator Asynchrony
Chapter 16: Ventilator Liberation

Part II: Ventilator Management
Chapter 17: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Chapter 18: Obstructive Lung Disease
Chapter 19: Chest Trauma
Chapter 20: Head Injury
Chapter 21: Postoperative Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 22: Neuromuscular Disease
Chapter 23: Cardiac Failure
Chapter 24: Burns and Inhalation Injury
Chapter 25: Bronchopleural Fistula
Chapter 26: Drug Overdoses

Part III: Monitoring During Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 27: Blood Gases
Chapter 28: Pulse Oximetry, Capnography, and Transcutaneous Monitoring;
Chapter 29: Hemodynamic Monitoring
Chapter 30: Basic Pulmonary Mechanics during Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 31: Advanced Pulmonary Mechanics during Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 32: Nutritional Assessment

Part IV: Topics Related to Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 33: Airway Management
Chapter 34: Airway
Chapter 35: Inhaled Drug Delivery
Chapter 36: Emergency Ventilation and Ventilation in a Disaster
Chapter 37: Mobilization and Portable Ventilation
Chapter 38: Extracorporeal Life Support

ISBN# 9780071771511

Authors: D. Hess, R. Kacmarek