Telehealth Essentials for Advanced Practice Nursing

Telehealth Essentials for Advanced Practice Nursing

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Book, 220 pages, 2020

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Telehealth Essentials for Advanced Practice Nursing

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This book is a resource for practicing advanced practice RNs or APRN students who need more information regarding the use of telehealth technologies in their clinical practice. Content includes information on the role of the APRN in implementing telehealth, use of telehealth technologies and modalities, legal and regulatory telehealth issues and telehealth competencies for the APRN. In addition the book provides a concise summary on the history of telehealth nursing and the building blocks needed for telehealth nursing education. The book focuses on inter-professional approaches and collaboration in clinic and tele-ICU settings.

The text begins with the history and basics of telehealth before moving on to critical content that a provider must understand to maximize its use in the health care arena, covering topics including:

  • Technology used in the early response to infectious diseases such as COVID-19
  • The process of integrating telehealth in practice
  • Laws, policies, and regulations governing telehealth practice
  • Barriers to implementation and strategies for overcoming them
  • Telehealth etiquette and ethics
  • Using telehealth for effective inter-professional collaboration

ISBN #: 9781630916053

Authors: P.A. Schweickert, C.M. Rutledge

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